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Fabulous emergence of Lithuania

Nicholas Zharkikh

1. Lit1L begins with "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania" in "Erdivil" edition. This immediately shows us the first source – Lit0L or some derivative of it copy of "Erdivil" edition.

In the FEL author Lit1L made two significant changes.

1-1. In the beginning, it is given version of the origin Palemon other than the basic. From it only preserved the end of the story, but it definitely shows that the author deduce Palemon of Venice, not from Rome, as in other "Lithuanian" chronicles.

1-2. In the middle FEL there is a large insertion (episodes 44 – 52), which retells the story of Mindaugas and Voishelk from Galician-Volhynian chronicle. This insertion is not found in any other "Lithuanian" chronicles. Therefore, we can assume the Galician-Volhynian chronicle second source Lit1L, and the text itself – late in relation to other, earlier, "Lithuanian" chronicles.

Bringing history with FEL to the death of Gediminas, the author Lit1L, follows the traditions of "Lithuanian" chronicles, goes in the "Tale of Vytautas".