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Nicholas Zharkikh

AKS – Annals of King Sigismund, part of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

AV – Acts of Vytautas, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

BilL – "Belarusian" chronicle

Bil0L – Hypothetical protograph copies Bil1L – Bil4L

Bil1L – Bil6L – copies of "Belarusian" chronicle

CMF – Chronicle Metropolitan Photius (hypothetical chronicle of the 1410 – 1427)

EMF – epitome (abbreviated chronicle) Metropolitan Photios (hypothetical chronicle, brought to 1427).

GDL – abbr list Great Duchy of Lithuania

GVL – Galician-Volhynian chronicle, part of the Hipatios chronicle for 1203 – 1292 [PSRL, vol. 2]

LitL – "Lithuanian" chronicle

Lit0L – hypothetical protograph all the "Lithuanian" chronicles

Lit1L – Lit8L – copies of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

LRP – Legend of the Russian princes, part of "Belarusian" chronicle

MemV – Memorial of Vytautas

MTL – Moscow-Tver Chronicle, part of the RogL and SimL for the 1375 – 1411.

MTG – Moscow-Tver group of chronicles (TL + SimL + RogL)

N1LMI – Novgorod 1st chronicle younger recension [ senior and junior recension. – Leningrad, 1950]

N4L – Novgorod 4th chronicle [PSRL, vol. 4]

NKL – Novgorod Karamzin’s chronicle [PSRL, vol. 42]

PSRL – Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles

PV – Praise of Vytautas, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

RogL – Rogozhsky chronicler [PSRL, vol. 15, ch. 1]

S1LSI – Sophia 1st chronicle older recension [PSRL, vol. 6, ch. 1]

SCL – "Short chronicle Lithuania"", part of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

SCR – story about the congress rulers, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

SimL – Simeon chronicle [PSRL, Vol. 18]

SMF – scribe Metropolitan Photios (hypothetical person, the author of CMF)

SNG – Sophia-Novgorod group of chronicles (S1LSI + NKL + N4L)

TL – Trinity Chronicle

TOŠ – "Tale of Švitrigaila", integral part of "Vytautas" chronicle

TOV – "Tale of Vytautas," the first part "Vytautas" chronicle

TPL – "Tale of Podillja land", an integral part of "Vytautas" chronicle

VitL – "Vytautas" chronicle

Vit1L – Vit7L – copies "Vytautas" chronicle

WIN – The words of Isaac of Nineveh, manuscript 1428 with "Praise of Vytautas"