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Coronation of Vytautas

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

12. Jagiello advises Vytautas to take care of the crown. Vytautas defines this congress in Lutsk and invites Christian emperor, the Danish king, the princes of the Pomeranian, Silesian, German, Grand Dukes of Moscow, Tver, Ryazan, king of Perekop, governor Moldavia.

This list is a modernized and further expanded list of the 3rd edition "Praise of Vytautas".

The author Lit1L gives free rein to his political fantasies: "The Poles were not gentry, they were simple people, and with great gifts joined in Czech gentry emblems. And we, the Lithuanian gentry, does not need then, because our nobility is a long time ago, the Roman, and therefore do not need Polish coats of arms, and hold our own ancestral".

That has such processing undergone old "Praise of Vytautas" under the pen of the author Lit1L. From the wreckage of the old story built a new one, abundantly enriched author’s imagination.