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Chernihiv and the Tatars: 1198-1278

Nicholas Zharkikh

This my work is dedicated to the heroical city Chernihiv.

The history of Chernihiv region in 1198-1278 is of great interest both for local history and for clarifying the ways of political development of our lands in the 13th century.

In this work, it will be traced on the basis of sources as close as possible in time to the events themselves. At the same time, we will have to say goodbye to some myths and fables of later fabrication, which in some places still stand in for real knowledge.

Technically, the work consists of two parts. The first chapters present a popular (but at the same time strictly scientific) history of events in the Chernihiv Principality itself and its surroundings. Popularity was achieved by refusing to analyze sources, literature and polemics on certain small issues, the essence of which is not clear enough for a wide circle of readers. Scholarlyness is achieved by references to a consolidated chronological table, through which the reader will gain access to primary sources.

All special questions have been transferred to the "Scientific background" section. There, the inquisitive reader will find an extracts from the sources, a consolidated chronological table and a large series of excursions on source studies, historiography and various debatable issues. The state of our sources is such that almost every question is debatable, but there is by the nature of things.

A small technical detail: when specifying geographic objects, I often indicate their affiliation to the district. District division, which operated in Ukraine in 1966-2020, is used everywhere here. To switch to the modern district division, you can use the directory on the website "".

Kyiv, August 26 – November 24, 2018, May 8 – August 5, 2021, December 21, 2021 – July 6, 2022.

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