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Nicholas Zharkikh

Terekhtemyriv (Trakhtemyriv) village in Kaniv district, Cherkasy region. Located on the right bank of Dniepr (now on the bank of the Kaniv reservoir). Around the history of this village in the 16th 18th centuries formed many legends. Objectives of our work to destroy these legends and give a real image of its history as it appears on the basis of primary sources.

About Terekhtemyriv written a lot, but the vast majority of these items either regurgitate legendary information from previous articles or brighten these legends with additional legendary details an approach typical of prescientific historiography.

So I do not consider historiography of Terekhtemyriv I note only that it loses all meaning after my work the first research exploration of the subject. Some examples of modern "scientific" papers will be considered at the end, after the presentation of factual history, there will show their insolvency.

Section "Chronicle" contains extracts from historical sources with references to Terekhtemyriv. It is the basis of all subsequent sections, but for the first reading, it can be omitted.

Section "History" contains a summary of actual history of Terekhtemyriv as it appears from the available sources.

In the section "Legends" discusses the various myths about the fantastic Terekhtemyriv, explained their origin and the actual errors.

In the section "Falsified chart of Báthory Khmelnytsky" analysed in details this lateral branch of Terekhtemyriv legend, found its origin, source of existence and proved its complete falsehood.

In the "Appendices" made a detailed examination of certain specific issues emerge which was necessary to explain the history of Terekhtemyriv.

I express my gratitude to Dmitri Vortman that stimulated my interest in the subject; he always helped me in finding multiple sources and advice on many issues that I have encountered.


Falsed universal Bathory Khmelnytsky

Geography. Ancient history

Scientific historiography




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Kyiv, January September 2013.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.

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