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"Lithuanian" chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

From the preceding exposition, we see that Lit1L is a relatively late product, which occupies a special place among the other copies of "Lithuanian" chronicle. So we practiced postponed it for dessert, but for now let’s see what else contain other copies besides "Vytautas" chronicle disassembled by us.

"Lithuanian" chronicle formed by "rigging" "Vytautas" chronicles: at the beginning it is attached the article "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania" (from the Emperor Augustus to Gediminas), and in the end – the article "Annals of King Sigismund", or "Short chronicle Lithuania" (description of the events from the end of the 15th century until completing the annals).


1. In 1520-30-ies on the basis of the Vit6L (approximately late 15 – early 16th century) was written Lit0L – common protograph of "Lithuanian" chronicles. This included protograph "Erdivil" edition "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania" and edited "Vytautas" chronicle.

2. Later, on the basis of "Erdivil" edition was created "Nemonos" edition "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania", and it replaced the "Erdivil" edition in some copies.

3. Later, the various copies of "Lithuanian" chronicle replenished with "Annals of King Sigismund" different editions and / or "Short chronicle Lithuania."

4. In the future, "Lithuanian" chronicle was not replenished, but only copied. These copies were used in compilative works. Print the latter (especially – Stryjkowski’s "Chronicle") blocked the way of the further development of chronicles in the narrow sense of the word.