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History / Monographs / Essays on the history of eastern Europe 13 Ц 16 centuries

Essays on the history of eastern Europe
13 Ц 16 centuries

Nicholas Zharkikh

This collection has a beginning (22 January 2017), but has no end. In it, I plan to post articles on the selected topic but do not know in advance how much they will be.

Articles united with time, place and manner of events interpretation.

In eastern Europe, we mean the area bounded on the north by the breadth of the Gulf of Finland, in the east Ц the Volga, in the south Ц the Black Sea and in the west Ц the Vistula.

In the interpretation of the events I try to separate information from sources contemporary to events from reasoning and imagination of later authors, such as M. Stryjkowski, Gustynsky chronicle, V. Tatishchev, in part Ц Nikon chronicle. This will show that the common understanding of the events specified time and place largely followed later hereby fantasies, that we get rid of.

The title "Grand Duke" in history (2017)

The title "Grand Duke" in literature (2017)

Fabulous "first Metropolitan of Kiev" Michael (2016 )

Prince Andrew Jaroslavich (2015)

The mythical "conquest of Kiev" by Gedimin (2018 )

The ephemeral "Kyiv prince Theodor" (2018 )

Mythical "Battle of Blue Water" (2017 )

Push to south (2017 )

Ѕессмысленна€ безграмотность (2017)

ѕеремудрив, або ѕсевдонаукова псевдонаука (2017 )

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