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Chronicle J. Bielski (1597)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

I’m not going to write this section, but I was confused "historians". At Sushicki I read: "Tikhomirov established that M. Bielski much more enjoyed the Lithuanian chronicles, borrowing from them more than 40 news" [Sushicki T. Western-Russian chronicles as a literary monuments. – Kyiv: 1930, p. 33].

Look Tikhomirov: "Speaking of Paraskeva death, Bielski again refers to the Russian chronicles (Bel, 1, 256)." [Tikhomirov I. A. About composition of the west Russian, so-called Lithuanian chronicles. – Journal of the Ministry of Education, 1901, № 5, p. 81].

What’s the occasion, I think. I thought I knew all about the "Lithuanian" chronicles, and then they wrote me that I only know that I know nothing.

Thus, the source for news Joachim (not Martin!) Bielski was Stryjkowski, and the above-mentioned "scientists" simply regarded Joachim and Martin as one man.

Conclusion: now I know just what everyone else does not know nothing on my subject.