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Miracle of the Cross

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

2-6. This miracle is told in an episode of the TOV, 57-a.

In Dlugosz under the 1383 year one can read fairly detailed narrative as Jagiello retook Dorogichin from Mazovia princes [Jana Długosza Roczniki czyli kroniki sławnego królestwa Polskiego. – Warszawa: 2009, ks. 10 1370 – 1405, s. 175 – 176].

According to Dlugosz this news repeated Miechowski [Chronica Polonorv[m]. – Kraków: 1519 ] and Cromer (his chronicle was published in 1555, I looked Polish translation [Kronika polska Marcina Kromera biskupa warmińskiego. – Sanok: 1857 ]).

Two storylines – Holy Cross and captured girl – intersect at the climax, the decision to return the shrine. All as prescribed by the rules of the historical novel, as if the author graduated the Literary Institute. And followed by solution and a happy ending.

Two important conclusions follow from this analysis: 1, Polish Chronicle referred to were fifth source Lit1L; 2, clearly visible transformation of the chronicle genre in the history (fiction) genre (even historical novel). The author does not care about the authenticity of what he writes, he takes care of the connectivity, interest and exciting intrigue narrative.