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Lithuanian and Zhmoit chronicle (1588)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

In the foregoing analysis of "Lithuanian" chronicles we have not mentioned and not used Lit8L, and now it’s time to talk about it. After reading "Chronicle" Stryjkowski turned out that there is no lot of talk to: Lit8L – very bad abridged Russian translation of the Chronicle.

6. A single large insertion in text Stryjkowski – is "Tale of Mamai battle" (p. 45 – 60) in his very late and worst "Algirdas" edition [PSRL, 1959, vol. 26, p. 328 – 341; and a separate copy ]. But Lit8L author was not enough of those absurdities that introduced in this edition – a battle he dated 1371 year. It is necessary that something of his own to make!

8. Thus, in Lit8L did not used any "Lithuanian" chronicle, but only Stryjkowski. In accordance with this and observations made above – the value of this product we can define as negligible "historical source", which is also devoid of artistic talent Stryjkowski. Overall decline of the tradition of "Lithuanian" chronicles can not be shown the better. No wonder that go with such a "commodity" against Stryjkowski was impossible, and it is natural that Lit8L had no effect on subsequent historiography.