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Vytautas – the conqueror

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

7. Solar eclipse for author Lit1L – sign of the next war Vytautas with the Moscow Prince Vasily Dmitrievich.

From other sources (and then much later than the events themselves!) only confirmed the fact of standing on the Ugra, other details Lit1L have no matches there.

8. Next Lit1L stories – how Vytautas won Pskov and Novgorod.

We can see that the real history has only two common points with story Lit1L – 1, Porkhov siege; 2, unsuccessful for Vytautas. I think they are a coincidence. Six months of siege – this is definitely a fantasy author Lit1L, the duration of the siege is not specified in any source.

I think the only source of stories 7 and 8 was "Praise of Vytautas", from which the author Lit1L read that Moscow, Novgorod and Pskov serve Vytautas. Therefore, he suggested that this was due to the successful wars Vytautas; all other details have been invented by him.

9. The following is the story of the battle of Grunwald with a completely erroneous date of 6921 (1412). All the details of this battle in Lit1L – fictional.