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Pechersky synodikon

Nicholas Zharkikh

Pechersky synodikon (PS) the oldest preserved synodikon of the Kiev-Pechersky Monastery. It was written in the late 15th early 16th centuries. It was printed in 1891 by S. Golubev [ (The end of the XV and the beginning of the XVI century) / Golubev S. Proceedings the historical society of Nestor the chronicler, 1891, v. 6, annex; in abbreviated form S.G., page]; it was investigated by E. I. [De Witte E.I. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Kiev Golden-Domed Mikhailovsky Monastery. Proceedings the historical society of Nestor the Chronicler, 1910 1914, vol. 21 24, annex. 144 p.; in abbreviated form E. V., page] and L. V. Voitovich [Princely Dynasties of Eastern Europe. Lviv: 2000, ; in abbreviated form L.V., record number].

For comments we will use directories by J. Wolf [Wolff J. Kniazowie litewsko-ruscy od końca 14 w. Warszawa: 1895. 698 s.; in abbreviated form Wolff, page] and A. Boniecki [Boniecki A. Herbarz polski. Warszawa, 1899 1913, t. 1 16; in abbreviated form Boniecki-2, volume, page].

The task of our research will be the systematization of fragments of historical information from the synodikon and the elucidation of the process of its formation.

Kiev, April 17 August 11, 2017

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