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History / Monographs / Two traditions chronicles Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Two traditions chronicles
Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Nicholas Zharkikh

Annals, compiled in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the end of 14 16 centuries, in the obvious way are divided into two groups.

The first recounts the princes Palemon, Kunas and Montville, but does not know anything about princes Kyi, Askold, Oleg. This group I give conditional name "Lithuanian chronicles."

The second group talks about the Kyi, Scheck and Horeb, Askold with Dir, Oleg and Igor return does not know anything about Palemon and his sons Bork, Kunas and Spera. This group I give conditional name "Belarusian chronicles."

The division into groups is objective, and names I have given them conditional. However, they reflect the main trend of products in each group, stressing the leading role of Lithuanians and Ruthenians, respectively. In addition, the territory of existence of these chronicles was limited to the Lithuanian and Belarusian lands, including the eastern Belorussia (Smolensk), but did not extend to the land of modern Ukraine. I do not know, take root these names or not, but in this article, please remember these definitions.

The work will be considered the origin and development of these two chronicles traditions.

The list of chronicles text

"Lithuanian" chronicle

"Vytautas" chronicle


"Belarusian" chronicle

Kiev, May 1 November 12, 2016

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