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Epitome of Lithuanian princes (1576)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

The work, entitled «Epitome principum Lituaniae» preserved in a single copy, placed as an introductory article to the Latin translation of the 2nd Lithuanian Statute. This richly decorated manuscript was written in 1576 and was intended for newly elected Polish King Stefan Batory. Epitome (ie reduction) provides a brief history of Lithuania from the beginning of time until King Stephan. It was published by J. Jakubowski [Jakubowski J. Studia nad stosunkami narodowościowemi na Litwie przez unią Lubelską. – Warszawa: E.Wende, 1912, s. 94 – 104].

According to the researchers believe it shows the expressive relationship with the work of Albert Rotundus "Conversation Pole with Lithuanian" (1564). Rotundus was also the author of the translation statute. For these reasons, Jakubowski considered "Epitome" another product Rotundus.

Here we see P. Libone, who mistakenly called Palemon, Emperor Nero, Attila, and reference to product Erasmus Stella.

So, for "Epitome" was used not only "Messenger of virtue", but also some kind of "Nemonos" edition "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania", as well as Polish chronicles. Any special dependency on "Conversation Pole with Lithuanian" cannot be found.

As every compiler, writer not only brings together the information of different authors, but also trying to understand them, and adds his own imagination to them.

Product trend – the glorification of the Radziwill Family (it is noteworthy that the text is completely fall out Goštautai!).