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New names (№ 1 – 28)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Let us now see what the text of the Vvedensky synodikon provides for understanding the names of princes, determined by us on the basis of the Lyubech synodikon.

The notation are the same:

- Number (1) and green background – individuals are identified, their identification does not cause any doubt.

- Number (2) and yellow background – individuals whose identification are possible due to simple, probable assumptions.

- Number (3) and red background – individuals whose identification requires complex, unlikely assumptions.

- Number (4) and yellow-hot background – persons who are known only from the PKK.

Here we skip records for which the VS does not give anything new – for them our analysis of LS remains in effect.

1. Grand duke Constantine Mstislav of Chernigov…

3. Grand duke Mikhail Chernigovsky, and Princess Feofanna

4. Grand duke George of Kiev