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Let us now consider the chronology of the life of princes from PKK. Here we can only come in handy real and permissible princes, who make up less than 25% of records. Let’s try to draw a diagram of their coexistence:

Diagram of the coexistence of princes…

Diagram of the coexistence of princes from PKK

The first what becomes apparent from this diagram is that there is no any chronological ordering in the PKK, there is only a weak tendency towards it. Apparently the author of the PKK wanted to order the material chronologically, but not having Wikipedia at hand, did not cope with this task.

The second, what becomes obvious from this diagram is that the PKK in the form as it was recorded in the Vvedensky synodikon was formed exactly in the middle of the 17th century, not earlier. The chronological scope of the list is 6 centuries (2nd quarter 11th – 2nd quarter 17th century).

So, we can assume that part 1 corresponds to the Old Russian time, part 2 – the zone of chaos, parts 3 – 5 are filled with princes of Lithuanian time and slightly diluted by later princes.