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We will write out all the geographical names from the PKK, put them on the map and see what happens. Here we use all records, including unknown and fictional princes, because we need to find out the geographical horizon of the author of the PKK.

General map of the principalities of…

General map of the principalities of the PKK

The shaded area on our map unites 63 toponymic references to the PKK – 2/3 of the total number of references. Princes from this territory, we will conditionally call the "internal" princes, and all others – respectively, "external" princes. It is quite obvious that this is the territory of the ancient Chernigov princedom. We can compare it with the 2013 model map, which reflects the latest results of historical and geographical studies:

Chernihiv land of approx. 1200

Chernihiv land of approx. 1200

The map was drawn by D.V. Vortman in 2013 on the basis of the map by Yu. Zaitsev and V. Temushev. Published in the Encyclopedia of the History of Ukraine [K.: 2013, v. 10, p. 516]. The outline with the yellow background is moved from the previous map – it indicates the area of the highest concentration of items from the PKK.