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11. Kings and Grand Dukes

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Reading all the previous lists is not very hard work. All of them are ordered chronologically (minor mistakes do not count) and all show a more or less distinct dependence on the ancient lists that appear for us sources. The list of

bright golden-domed orthodox and faithful Russian tsars and great princes from the great Vladimir, in the holy baptism of Vasili, who, from idols to God, brought the Russian land and enlightened him with holy baptism

- this list [VS, с. 16 – 17] it is called middle-level in difficulty. Why – you’ll see for yourself soon.

The list is clearly divided into three blocks:

(1) Prince Vladimir and his sons (11-1 – 11-12)

(2) the region of chaos (11-13 – 11-22)

(3) the ruling dynasty of the Vladimir and Moscow princes (11-23 – 11-39).

And where are the promised in the title list kings? Below in the text of the VS there is another article – "Kings and Grand Dukes of Moscow", where we will see another version of the same genealogy, already with the kings.