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History / Monographs / Vvedensky synodikon / Text / Sections 33 40

Vvedensky synodikon


Sections 33 40

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

33. The genus of the princes of Masalsk,
Prince Vasili (pp. 25 26)

34. The genus of Prince Vorotynsky (p. 26)

35. The genus of Prince Dmitry Ivanovich Putyatich,
Kiev voevoda (p. 26)

36. The genus of Prince Yuri Pinsky (p. 26)

37. The genus of Prince Mamai Lvovich (p. 26)

38. The genus of Princess Ulyana,
Prince Ivan Yurievich Lugvenovich (p. 26)

39. The genus of Prince Ivan Yurevich
from Moscow (p. 26)

40. The genus of Prince Konstantin Krotinsky,
treasurer of Smolensk (p. 26)

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