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Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

The table is very rich in information, so consider it without haste. Against LS records, there are links to detailed comments in the article "List of Princes from the Lyubech synodikon". In cases where one LS record combines adjacent records of VS, there are signs +. The differences in the lists are marked in bold. The colors of the cell background are used:

- green background – individuals are identified, their identification does not cause any doubt.

- yellow background – individuals whose identification are possible due to simple, probable assumptions.

- red background – individuals whose identification requires complex, unlikely assumptions.

- Yellow-hot background – persons who are known only from the PKK.

- blue background – duplicates of other records (all except the first one).

- purple background – persons who are known only from written sources, but who did not really exist.

For LS, I leave color designations-conclusions, made in the article "List of princes from the Lyubech synodikon." For VS has made the necessary changes, motivated in the comments to specific entries.