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1. Constantinople Patriarchs

Nicholas Zharkikh

The Vvedensky synodikon begins with the list of Constantinople patriarchs [Sun, p. 13 – 14].


1. The list of patriarchs in the VS is rewritten from the list drawn up by Zacharias Kopystensky while working on his book "Palinodia", that is, from 1621 to 1622.

2. For his compilation, Kopystensky used the following sources:

- the list of I. Leuvenklau from the book "Ius Graeco-Romanum" (1596) – for the period 306 – 1275;

- the chronological table of M. Freher from the same book – for the period 1275 – 1334;

- a list of M. Malaxus from the book "Turcograeciae libri octo" (1584) – for the period 1462-1579;

- some undefined source (possibly records of the Pechersk Monastery) – for the period 1584 – 1622.

3. During the composing of the list, all the repeated cadences of the patriarchs were systematically omitted, as well as the names of the patriarchs-heretics (not all).

4. Z. Kopystensky included part of this list (for 1462-1622) in his "Palinodia".

5. At the time of the rewriting of the list in the VS Kopistensky’s manuscript suffered mechanical damage and loss of names for 1350 – 1462. The scribe of the VS did not fill this gap and did not complete the list by the names of 1623 – 1654. Therefore, one might think that he was only a copyist.

6. The list of patriarchs from the VS influenced the later Kiev synodikons, in particular, it reflected in the synodikon of the Kievan St. Sophia Cathedral (circa 1765).