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Sociology (historical part)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Since the VS is clearly divided into historical and current parts, then the sociological data that it gives are also advisable to analyze separately for the historical and separately for the current parts.

As we have seen, the early Pechersk synodikon had a powerful influence on the historical part, so here we will mainly analyze those records that were not in the PS.

In addition, the feature of the historical part is the filtering of records from sources, so that only princely and gentry families have fallen into the VS.


1. Records of princely and gentry families, which were not in the PS, can be dated from the 1530s to the mid-17th century.

2. It can be assumed that these records were transferred to the VS from an unknown synodikon of the Pechersk Monastery, which served as a continuation of the PS.

3. The percentage of confidently interpreted persons from these records is higher than for the PS.

4. Comparison of the texts of the PS and VS gives abundant material for studying the transformation of the synodikon texts. The comparison showed that the text underwent significant and important changes during rewriting. This should be a warning against blind trust in the texts of the late synodikons.