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Joachim Bielski (1597)

Nikolas Zharkikh

In this chronicle, not divided by the annual article, after the story of "a campaign of Vytautas the Don" (the story we already considered) follows the story of the campaign against Vorskla.

Text: Kronika polska Marcina Bielskiego. – Sanok: K. Pollak, 1856 – 498].

The basis of the story is Wapowski, mentioned in the text (in this case rejected the majority of his finest inventions), some additions taken from Kromer (about redemption from Kiev, and the names of some Poles).

I. Bielski better know the geography of Ukraine, than his predecessors, so in the description of the route he reversed the Sula and Psel. But the names drawn from Wapowski sometimes are spoiled, so Warsch Michowski became Varcic Mnichovski and Sczukowski – Zhukovski. However, the "fixed" date: if 14 August in 1399 – really Thursday, in the 1398 – Wednesday!

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.