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Maciej Miechowita (1517)

Nikolas Zharkikh

Treatise on the two Sarmatia (1517)

Tractatus de duabus Sarmatiis, liber secundus, tractatus primus, .

Russian translation: A Treatise on the two Sarmatia, Vol. 2, Treatise 1, .

Here we see a reduction of Dlugosz, with only one addition. Miechowita had known some source, where was named Temir Kutlu, but mistakenly identified him with Tamerlan, to reconcile such an artificial manner inconsistent sources.

Chronicle of Poland (1519)

Immediately after the story about the "march to the Don" I cited earlier, follow the story of the campaign against Vorskla.

Text: Chronica Polonorv[m]. – Kraków: 1519, .

Here we have a reduction of Dlugosz, only the list of the dead added Mr. Bogush, and developed several reference of Tamerlan (given the explanation of the meaning of this name).

In general, in both books by Miechowita lodged a strong reduction Dlugosz, trying to extract from his historical novel data about actual events.

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.