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Alexander Guagnini (1578)

Nikolas Zharkikh

Immediately after the story of the settlement of the Tatars in Lithuania (we considered by me) Alexander Guagnini had written a story about the campaign against Vorskla.

Text: […] Alexandi Gwagnini. – [Kraków:] 1578. – Lithvanie, fol. 18.

Details of this story borrowed from Wapowski (200,000 Turks killed) and Kromer (1.2 million troops Tamerlan). The mention of the killed princes comes from Kromer, but while Kromer mention two brothers Jagiello – Andrei and Dmitry-Korybut, in Alexander Guagnini between Dmitry and Korybut put a very expressive comma, and thus became the three killed. That is, we see the early source damage during the later rewriting – a very common phenomenon.

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.