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Gustynsky Chronicle (1620s)

Nikolas Zharkikh

In this chronicle the story of the campaign against Vorskla, as usual, placed after message about the "march to the Don", that we considered.

Text: PSRL 2003, vol. 40, p. 131 – 132.

Text as a whole followed I. Bielski’s story, but has something from the story Russian chronicle. There are two moments of nature taken from it – references to Michael Evnutievich and redemption from the Caves Monastery. These details, as I identified in previous article, are available in the basic version, in its the Novgorod group (NKL2 – N4L – NLD) and the "Moscow" version (MS1493, MS1495, Chronograph), as well as in the Nikon Chronicle. While examining message about Blue Water we saw that the author GL1 used the NikL, here we must assume that the second (after Bielski) source was Nikon Chronicle.

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.