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Martin Kromer (1555)

Nikolas Zharkikh

The Kromer’s work had been written in chronical style, so it did not contain annual articles. So, telling about the first expedition to Vytautas against Tatars (which we We discussed earlier), he noted that Vytautas gave his army a year of rest, and then began a new campaign.

Text: De origine et rebus gestis Polonorum libri XXX. – Basileae: I. Oporium, 1558 ; Kronika polska Marcina Kromera biskupa warmińskiego. – Sanok: 1857 .

We see that the basis of the Kromer’ story appears novel Dlugosz, but some details borrowed from Posilge (Tatar king early death – perhaps that can be borrowed not directly from the manuscript, but from some of the printed German historical works, where the chronicle Posilge were used); also we see the distinct traces of S1LSI story (the names of those killed Andrew and Dmitry – later Kromer mistakenly called Korybut; attack on Volyn and Lutsk; the redemption of Kiev). There is nothing surprising – we saw that Kromer used "Vytautas" chronicle, which was also contain the Great-Russian story of the Battle of the Vorskla.

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