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Treasury book Teutonic Order as a source
for the Battle of the Vorskla

Nicholas Zharkikh

Treasury book Teutonic order for 1398 1409 years is a very valuable resource, especially in the history of the Order, and then to the history of the neighboring countries. Naturally, with increasing distance episodes associated Order with these countries are becoming more and more rare. Among these episodes are the news of the Tatars, related to the Battle of the Vorskla River (1399).

This book was written by treasurer of the Teutonic Order in Marienburg. For a long time it was kept in Königsberg, and now in Berlin (Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin-Dahlem, XX Hauptabteilung, Ordensfolianten, nr. 140). Fragments from the book relating to expenditure Vytautas and general Lithuanian affairs, published by A. Prochaska [Codex epistolaris Vitoldi Magni Ducis Lithuaniae 1376-1430. Cracoviae: Acad. Literarum, 1882 976]. Then book was printed entirely [ der Jahre 1399-1409 / E. Joachim. Königsberg: 1896. 10, 358 S.].

A meaningful valuable article on the book gave Marek Radoch [Radoch Marek Konrada von Jungingen na zdobycie Żmudzi w latach 1398-1401: (w świetle księgi podskarbiego malborskiego). Komunikaty Mazursko-Warmińskie, 2006, t. 4, s. 461 495]. I took advantage of it, especially for translation and commentary on the text.

The text of the publication A. Prochaska


Problems of translation


So treasury book contains some details that confirm participation in the detachment of the Order of Battle of the Vorskla River. Here we have the mentions on the chronology of the movement, the logistical support of the campaign, the rewards for participants. We have some detailes for understanding of the role of certain individuals; list of them supplemented by one more name. However, to fully understand these records one must have a good understanding of the administration and financial management of the Teutonic Order, which can be a challenge for further studies.

Kyiv, 20 26 March 2017

Full text of article in the Ukrainian version.

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