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History / Monographs / Essays on the history of eastern Europe 13 16 centuries / List of abbreviations

Essays on the history of eastern Europe
13 16 centuries

List of abbreviations

Nicholas Zharkikh

AKS Annals of King Sigismund, part of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

ANL Alexander Nevsky Chronicle (1567) [PSRL, vol. 29]

AV Acts of Vytautas, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

Bil0L Hypothetical protograph copies Bil1L Bil4L

Bil1L Bil6L copies of "Belarusian" chronicle

BilL "Belarusian" chronicle

Chr Chronograph (1512, 1551) [PSRL, vol. 22]

CMF Chronicle Metropolitan Photius (hypothetical chronicle of the 1410 1427)

EL Ermolin Chronicle (1481) [PSRL, vol. 23]

EMF epitome (abbreviated chronicle) Metropolitan Photios (hypothetical chronicle, brought to 1427).

GDL Great Duchy of Lithuania

GL Gustynja Chronicle [PSRL, vol. 40]; also GL1 chronocle up to 1597; GL2 chronicle 17 cent.

GVL Galician-Volhynian chronicle, part of the Hipatios chronicle for 1203 1292 [PSRL, vol. 2]

IFL Joasaphs Chronicle (1520)

L72YA Annals of the 72 languages (1497, 1518) [PSRL, vol. 28]

LA Avraamka chronicle (1469) [PSRL, vol. 16]

Lit0L hypothetical protograph all the "Lithuanian" chronicles

Lit1L Lit8L copies of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

Lit1L "Lithuanian" 1st chronicle [Bykhovets, PSRL, vol. 32]

Lit5L "Lithuanian" 5th chronicle [Raczinski, PSRL, vol. 35]

LitL "Lithuanian" chronicle

LL Laurentian Chronicle (1305) [PSRL, vol. 1]

LNTS Chronicle of the beginning reign (1552) [PSRL, vol. 29]

LRP Legend of the Russian princes, part of "Belarusian" chronicle

LvovL Lvovs Chronicle (1560) [PSRL, vol. 20]

MAL Moscow Academic Chronicle (1418) [PSRL, vol. 1]

MazL Mazurinsky chronicler (1682) [PSRL, vol. 31]

MemV Memorial of Vytautas

MS1492 Moscow codex of 1492 [PSRL, vol. 25]

MS1493 Moscow abbreviated codex of 1493 [PSRL, vol. 27]

MS1495 Moscow abbreviated codex of 1495 [PSRL, vol. 27]

MTG Moscow-Tver group of chronicles (TL + SimL + RogL)

MTL Moscow-Tver Chronicle, part of the RogL and SimL for the 1375 1411.

N1LMI Novgorod 1st Chronicle younger recension (1446)

N1LSI Novgorod 1st Chronicle older recension (1352)

N4L Novgorod 4th Chronicle (1447) [PSRL, vol. 4]

NikL Nikon Chronicle (1558) [PSRL, vol. 9 13]; Nik1L part arose prior to 1428; Nik2L part arose from the 1429

NKL Novgorod Karamzin Chronicle (1428) [PSRL, vol. 42]; also NKL1 the first series of statements, NKL2 the second series of statements

P1L Pskov 1st Chronicle (1650)

P2L Pskov 2nd Chronicle (1486)

P3L Pskov third chronicle (1650)

PiskL Piskaryovsky chronicler (1615) [PSRL, vol. 34]

PSRL Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles

PV Praise of Vytautas, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

RogL Rogozhsky chronicler (1411) [PSRL, vol. 15, part 1]

S1LSI Sofia 1st Chronicle older recension (1418) [PSRL, vol. 6, part 1]

S2L Sofia 2nd Chronicle (1517) [PSRL, vol. 6, part 2]

S3L Sofia 3rd Chronicle (1508) [which in historiography called Sofia 1st chronicle Tsarsky copy; PSRL, vol. 39]

SCL "Short chronicle Lithuania"", part of the "Lithuanian" chronicle

SCR story about the congress rulers, part of the "Vytautas" chronicle

Sim1L Simeon 1st Chronicle (1411) (PSRL, vol. 18)

Sim2L Simeon 2nd Chronicle (1493) (PSRL, vol. 18)

SimL Simeon chronicle [PSRL, Vol. 18]; also Sim1L part of SimL up to 1411; Sim2L part of Si,L for 1412 1493

SNG Sophia-Novgorod group of chronicles (S1LSI + NKL + N4L)

TipL Typographical Chronicle (1489, 1534) [PSRL, vol. 24]

TL Trinity Chronicle (1408)

TOŠ "Tale of Švitrigaila", integral part of "Vytautas" chronicle

TOV "Tale of Vytautas," the first part "Vytautas" chronicle

TPL "Tale of Podillja land", an integral part of "Vytautas" chronicle

TverL Tver Chronicle (1534) [PSRL, vol. 15]

Vit1L Vit7L copies "Vytautas" chronicle

VitL "Vytautas" chronicle

VL Resurrection Chronicle (1541) [PSRL, vol. 7 8]

VladL vlasimirski Chronickler (1523) [PSRL, vol. 30]

VPL Vologda and Perm Chronicle (1538) [PSRL, vol. 26]

VS1215 Vladimir codex of 1215 [PSRL, vol. 38, 41]

WIN The words of Isaac of Nineveh, manuscript 1428 with "Praise of Vytautas"

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