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Mythical "Battle of Blue Water"

Nicholas Zharkikh

Any Algirdas any Tatars at any Blue Water never broke up not in 1362, nor in 1363, and in any other year.

It is everything one (except people who are narrow specialists) need to know, about the mythical "battle", that had existed and continues to exist only in myth-space of our "scientific historiography." So, if you to agree with this statement you have no need to read the next article, because you already have a full and proper understanding of the subject.

As an example of the correct, rational view I can recommend the book Belarusian historian Vyacheslav Nasevich "The beginning of Great Duchy of Lithuania" [Minsk Polymya 1993], Section " (1340-s 1360-s)", where a popular exposition of the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is given without any "Blue Water". Ex septentriones lux!

In the following sections I will discuss in detail the data sources, from which "historians" tendentious and erroneous twisting this "battle", and show that all these data can be explained easily and without any "battle". There will also be traced the development of the myth of the "Battle of Blue Water" and shows that it is pure myth.

Rogozhsky chronicler

Gustynsky chronicle

Tale of Podillja land


"Lithuanian" chronicles

Victims of the "Blue Water"

M. Stryjkowski

Absurd "anniversary"

Kyiv, 11 December 2016 18 January 2017

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