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Mythical "Battle of Blue Water"

"Lithuanian" chronicles

Nicholas Zharkikh

or Myth in the period of flowers

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

The development of the text "Tale of Podillja land" (TPL) as a part of the Lithuanian chronicles, I examined in detail in my work devoted to these chronicles.

Now its time to reap the benefits of this source analysis for the defeat the myth "Battle of the Blue Water".

The "Lithuanian" chronicles created in the 16th century. There are four variants of posts about this "battle", and they are all based on the original version "Tale of Podillja land", without adding to it any bit of new information.

But all these changes have something in common namely, the scribes were angry that the individual episodes of TPL not linked in some big picture. Here they are each in his own way tried to "rationalize" the fiction of 15th cent., place it to some more general context.

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