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Comparing copies

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Composition Bil1L – Bil4L shows significant similarities, which we will show in the following table. Since the beginning of Bil4L to article 6846 (1338) was lost, we start our table of three columns, and then move on four.

Table contain 97 rows, compares 3 – 4 copies.

The conclusion from these calculations is simple: Bil1L and Bil2L undoubtedly rewritten one protograph (though I do not like to "discover protograph", but here is quite obvious, so we denote it Bil0L). Thus Bil1L generally contains the best, qualitative reading while Bil2L rewritten carelessly, often without understanding the meaning of the text.

It can be argued that all four copies – Bil1L – Bil4L – come from the same protograph (Bil0L), which can be roughly reconstructed, adding what is missing in a single copy from the other copies, and choosing the best, logical spellings.