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Unique data 1310 – 1410 years

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Leaving for further consideration a lot of unique data in the third part, we consider the unique data Bil0L contained in the first and second parts (episodes 1 – 190). They can be divided into completely unique news (there are 7 of these, 6 of them – in the first part) and unique details in records, known from other chronicles. Author Bil0L, which we always have to remember, we will designate as SMF (scribe Metropolitan Photios).

The most important news is the first group, which can be regarded as signs of the now unknown details of sources. It is only 4.5% of the total number of episodes, but our knowledge of this time is so limited, that every word, which is not an late invention, have a lot of weight. Their importance increased because relatively early time of their recording – approx. 1427.

Their significance is increased by the fact that in general the SMF was not prone to fantasies – records with his own words only 7%, and that some of them look believable. At least here we do not see any unknown prince, any unknown military campaign or a battle, anyone of the unknown wonders. Time "enrichment" of our history such large-scale fantasies is yet to come – the sixteenth century was to come.