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Legend of the Russian princes

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Legend of the true saints Russian princes (LRP) – introductory article in Bil2L , and the second half of it preserved in Bil1L. This article is an abbreviation of the article "These Russian princes" in the Commission copy of Novgorod 1st chronicle younger recension (mid. 15 cent.) [ senior and junior recensions. – Moscow-Leningrad, 1950, p. 467 – 469] and Avraamka’s collection, which was formed during the 1470 – 1495 [PSRL, vol. 16, col. 309 – 312]. We will refer to this edition of the LRP-1, and the editors Bil2L – LRP-2.

Comparison of these texts is as follows (table 33 rows):

Cutted on the twenty-first episode LRP-2 has completely lost its original meaning of a memorandum of dynastic rights Moscow princes. These rights had been not interested for the author of edition. But very powerful and symbolically looks like the appearance of Vladimir – Baptist of Rus – in the beginning. That is, LRP-2 received a new significance as the overture to the chronicle.

Determine the circumstances of the appearance LRP-2 is not possible; one could assume that this transformation has been specially made for this chronicle. Here, considering the "Epitome Metropolitan Photius," we’ll come back to the question about the idea of remaking the LRP.