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Composition of coalition

Nicholas Zharkikh

On the composition of the participants a campaign of Vytautas reported all our sources. The most detailed lists provide S1LSI, the order of partisipants, in my opinion, has a certain weight (from major to minor parties).

1. Khan Tokhtamysh and his court.

2. Lithuanians.

3. Germans.

4. Poles.

5. Samogitians.

6. Tatars.

7. Volokhs.

8. Podilians.

9. 50 princes.

Now we are faced with the question – where are Russians? We are so used to refer to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as "Lithuanian-Russian", which automatically suggests an important role of Russians in every Lithuanian case. But here all the sources are silent about the Russian detachments, including S1LSI – the source of which is difficult to suspect hostility to Russia.

About the number of troops something tells Posilge: 100 lances of Prussia and 400 – from Poland.

About Tatar army reports only S1LSI, but it says little. The fact that the army was led by Khan himself, can bring significant value that was assigned to a campaign, and a large force assembled by the Tatars for it.

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