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Survivors and the dead

Nicholas Zharkikh

The first of the survivors was Khan Tokhtamysh. The main goal of Temir Kutlug – to destroy the pretender to the throne of the Horde – was not reached, even though the flight Tokhtamysh destroyed his political weight.

Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas fled from the battle, and we continue to see the head of the principality until 1430. His younger brother Sigismund fled too – he was Grand Duke in 1432 – 1440 years.

Among the rescued J. Posilge named , the provincial commander of Ragneta. He is known in the sources from 1384 to 1410 years. and during the campaign he was a friend and advisor to Vytautas.

Khan Temir Kutlug survived in the battle too.

Losses among the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania were significant. In S1LSI + NKL2 listed 18 killed Princes from 50 which went camping.

Among the others killed in battle was an outstanding individual Spytko from Melshtyn, the governor and at the same time castellan of Krakow .

J. Posilge pointed out that the two brothers Survily (Sorwille, Surwille) were killed – Hanus (Hans) and Timas (Thomas).

In S1LSI given and a general list of the dead – Lithuanian, Germans, Poles. Again, as in the list of members of the coalition, there is no mention of the Rusyns. Significant losses of Germans confirm J. Posilge – nine members of the Order were the victims.

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