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Route of march

Nicholas Zharkikh

Collection of the Lithuanian army, as we may suppose, was held in Vilnius.

Schematic map of Vytautas’ march to…

Schematic map of Vytautas’ march to Vorskla river in 1399
Drawed by Dmytro Vortman

The next point of march – Kiev – J. Posilge calls. Here, we can assume it was convenient to join and Podilians and Volokhs (if we think that they were Moldovans).

Sources do not call us any detailing names on the most Vorskla. Throughout the course of the Vorskla surrounded by strips of forest on both sides, and to deploy large armies one had to move away from these woods at some distance, where the fields began.

The only indication of this kind gives us, oddly enough, an occasional archaeological find. In 2012, in the forest between the Dikanka and river Vorskla was found coin quite rare in our region – a (), minted under Grand Master Winrich von Kniprode (struck in 1368 – 1380 years) [Orlyk V. and the battle on the Vorskla river in August 1399 (numismatic aspect). – Pieniądz a propaganda. Wspólne dziedzictwo Europy, Augustow-Warszawa, 2015, s. 102]. One can agree with the opinion of V. Orlik, that this finding is related to the participation of Order soldiers in the campaign against Vorskla.

Thus, we can assume that the campaign was aimed at the middle reaches of the Vorskla, where later there was a modern Dikanka.

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