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Course of battle

Nicholas Zharkikh

On the course of the battle S1LSI provides few details. The most important – is the exact date of August 12, 1399, Tuesday (all other options date – later distortions). Considerably more details provide J. Posilge here. A small addition takes successor Dietmar von Lubeck.

Schematic map of the battle on Vorskla…

Schematic map of the battle on Vorskla river in 1399
Drawed by Dmytro Vortman

Art tactic is to use the strengths of own troops and preventing the enemy to use their strengths. Tactical advantage in battle was on the side of the Tatars, who were able to use their strongest line – speed of light cavalry – and did not let the Lithuanians to line up in the dense rank (that was their strong point).

Having spent a lot of effort on the reckless pursuit, the Lithuanians lost the initiative, part of their troops was surrounded by Tatars and suffered heavy losses. Since the evening of the day on August 12 victory leaned to the side of the Tatars, and it is possible to believe that surviving Lithuanians fled at night to get away from the enemy.

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