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Felix Shabuldo (1987 – 2013)

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Ukrainian historian (1941 – 2012) dedicated to our theme whole series of works, which will be considered in chronological order, to track changes in the views of the author.

Shabuldo F. M. Southwestern Russia lands as a part of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. – K.: Naukova Dumka, 1987 – 183 p.

Shabuldo F. M. : Obscure and unknown aspects. – Ukrainian Historical Journal, 1996, № 2, p. 3 – 15.

Shabuldo F. M. Blue Water problem: a possible way to solve it. – Kyiv: 1998 – 85 p.

1. Lithuanian "Zadnepryanschina" (hike over Dnieper): an unknown aspect of Blue Water problem. – S. 5 – 50.

2. The concept of Blue Water battle by V.B.Antonovich and domestic historiography. – S. 51 – 66.

3. Maciej Stryjkowski historian Blue Water battle. – S. 69 – 84.

Shabuldo F. M. Returning to Blue Water problem: some of the results and consequences of campaign Great Duchy of Lithuania against Horde in 1362. – "The Slavs and the nomadic world", M., 1998, p. 145 – 146.

Shabuldo F. M. and the first explorers on a hike Algirdas on the Blue Water and Beloberezhe. – "Ukraine in Central and Eastern Europe", K., 2000, Vol. 1, p. 57 – 74.

Shabuldo F. M. Blue Water battle in 1362 in the modern scientific interpretation. – "Central Ukraine in the era of the classical Middle Ages: Research on the history of the 14th century", Kyiv, 2003, p. 8 – 26 (This article reprinted in the collection: , K., 2005, p. 9 – 27).

Shabuldo F. M. . – Past and Present (Volgograd), 2013, № 1 (17), p. 69 – 89 (full-text access is restricted).

The overall conclusion is very sad. Although F. M. Shabuldo spent as much as 30 years to the study of three lines of source text, he was not made in their understanding anything new and loyal, repeat all the old mistakes that have accumulated in the subject of historiography. "Battle of Blue Waters" was his idée fixe – his articles on other topics are very few. But the constant reference to it so useless and failed. That is "a victim of the Blue Water" in its purest form.