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Nicholas Dorosh (2009 – 2012)

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Nicholas Dorosh – Director Voronovka high school in Vinnytsia region. He has written a series of books and textbooks (textbooks, my dear!) about the battle on the blue water:

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water 1362: the truth and speculation. – Vinnitsa: O.Vlasyuk, 2009. – 188 c.

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water in 1362 (or Snivoda River Adventure). – Vinnitsa, 2011. – 212 c.

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water 1362: the liberation of Ukraine and Podillja in particular. – Vinnitsa: I. B. Baluk, 2012. – 274 p.: fig.

Dorosh N. N., Stepaniuk V. A. The Battle of the Blue Water 1362 in context of the history of Vinnitsa region: a teaching aid to help the teacher of history and ukrainian literature (to the 650th anniversary of the memorable battle) – Vinnitsa: I. B. Baluk, 2012. – 110, [8] with color illustrations.

N. Dorosh The route of march Russian-Lithuanian army in 1362 – the key to the localization of the Korcheva, Blue Water, Beloberezhe and Zvenigorod. – Military History , p. 30 – 43.

N. Dorosh Reflections on the Battle of the Blue Water: an open letter to the President of the International Charity Fund "Ukraine-UNESCO" Yuriy Yekhanurov. – Military history, 2011, № 4, p. 106 – 117.

"Says the poet Homeless from the madhouse…"

Oh! Excuse me! This last phrase – not from Nicholas Dorosh articles, but from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita." Just I do not understand how it got here…