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Mythical "Battle of Blue Water"

Victims of the "Blue Water"

Nicholas Dorosh (2009 2012)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Nicholas Dorosh Director Voronovka high school in Vinnytsia region. He has written a series of books and textbooks (textbooks, my dear!) about the battle on the blue water:

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water 1362: the truth and speculation. Vinnitsa: O.Vlasyuk, 2009. 188 c.

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water in 1362 (or Snivoda River Adventure). Vinnitsa, 2011. 212 c.

N. Dorosh The Battle of the Blue Water 1362: the liberation of Ukraine and Podillja in particular. Vinnitsa: I. B. Baluk, 2012. 274 p.: fig.

Dorosh N. N., Stepaniuk V. A. The Battle of the Blue Water 1362 in context of the history of Vinnitsa region: a teaching aid to help the teacher of history and ukrainian literature (to the 650th anniversary of the memorable battle) Vinnitsa: I. B. Baluk, 2012. 110, [8] with color illustrations.

N. Dorosh The route of march Russian-Lithuanian army in 1362 the key to the localization of the Korcheva, Blue Water, Beloberezhe and Zvenigorod. Military History , p. 30 43.

N. Dorosh Reflections on the Battle of the Blue Water: an open letter to the President of the International Charity Fund "Ukraine-UNESCO" Yuriy Yekhanurov. Military history, 2011, 4, p. 106 117.

"Says the poet Homeless from the madhouse"

Oh! Excuse me! This last phrase not from Nicholas Dorosh articles, but from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita." Just I do not understand how it got here

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