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Mythical "Battle of Blue Water"

M. Stryjkowski

Nicholas Zharkikh

or Myth in the period of vegetables

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Matthew Stryjkowski, making his "Chronicle" (first published in Königsberg in 1582), took Lit1L, Vit4L and even some "Lithuanian" chronicle (more in my article about chronicle sources of Stryjkowski). All extravagancies against these sources in the text Stryjkowski should be considered own fantasies, to which he was a master.

To "the battle of the Blue Water" he returned four times [Quote from: Stryjkowski M. Kronika polska, litewska, żmódzka i wszystkiej Rusi. Warszawa: 1846 ].

All has been said, is enough to confirm the conclusion, made by me before all extravagancies Stryjkowski against ancient sources should be considered his own fantasies. His "Chronicle", having a high literary quality, can enjoy reading a historical novel, but can not be used as a historical source.

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