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Stephen Kuczynski (1935)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Kuczyński S. Sine Wody : rzecz o wyprawie Olgierdowej 1362 r. – “Księga ku czci Oskara Haleckiego”, Warszawa, 1935.

Kuczyński S. Sine Wody. – W: Kuczyński S. Studia z dziejów Europy Wschodniej 10 – 17 ww. – Warszawa : 1956, s. 135 – 180.

Final conclusions S. Kuczynski are:

1. Algirdas had not run any far-reaching a coherent policy in the south.

2. Hike Algirdas in 1362 was sent to the town Blue Water on the river Synjukha; it was small in scale and had no lasting effects.

3. Vytautas hike (somewhere in 1397) to the Don, the battle with the Tatars and the victory over the three kings – historically established fact.

4. In the annals these hikes were confused, perhaps deliberately.

From all this one can only fully agree with the first statement. In general, the article S. Kuczynski wrong.