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Nicholas Zharkikh

In this section, we will collect extracts from all the mentioned sources and arrange them in chronological order of events. We begin our extracts from the death of the prince (1139 – 1198) – the last grandson of Oleg Svjatoslavych, the progenitor of the Olgovychs family.

In the excerpts, I put […] in the place of those fragments of the text that do not relate to our topic. These marks can be placed at the beginning of annual article as a sign that the article began with some other (not "our") message, or at the end of a quote – as a sign that another (not "our") episode follows.

Since my extracts from the sources do not have philological or archeographic significance, but only informative and orientational, their spelling is simplified. When simplifying the spelling, it turns out that the texts are closer to the modern Russian language than to modern Ukrainian, so in the extracts I bring them closer to Russian. Knowing the volume of the annals collection and the year, every lover of ancient texts will be able to find them on their own – they are all available on the Internet.