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Chronological table

Nicholas Zharkikh

In the following table, all events mentioned in our sources are summarized in one chronological series. In the "Date" column bold fixed dates from the text of the sources are selected, (?) – approximate dates calculated based on the sequence of events are marked.

To clarify the dates, I actively used the book by N. G. Berezhkov [N. G. Berezhkov Chronology of the Russian Chronicles. – M.: 1963]. The chronology of the events of the Galician-Volyn chronicle is given mainly according to the notes of L. E. Makhnovets to the translation of the Hypatian codex [Annals of Rus’. – K.: 1989].

In some places, the dates proposed by the researchers seemed contradictory to me. For such events, I put the dates of my own combination, highlighting them sandy background. A significant part of such dates are interpolations between adjacent relatively reliably dated episodes. In more complex cases, comments are provided.

When referring to sources, the years indicated in them are inserted. I also provide these years for the Galician-Volyn chronicle – not to be guided by them, but for orientation in the text of the chronicle.

The chronological date from the creation of the world is placed in the "Main sources" column. If the same date appears in other annals, it is not repeated, but different dates are given.

This table contains everything we know about Chernihiv and its princes from 1198 to mentions of 1331. What’s more, everything is from the evil one.