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Sections and blocks

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

It is of great benefit to divide the synodikons into sections and blocks, and it is strange to me why it was only I who introduced it, and no one of my predecessors.

Section – this is part of the memorial list, which in the manuscript has a caption, a separation from the previous text. This is most often a headline, but the separation can be done using an interval, cinnabar first words in a new line or something like that. The main thing here is the objective nature of the division into sections, which does not depend on the wishes and assumptions of the researcher.

Block – this is part of the section that covers a group of names, in something similar to each other. There can be both objectively allocated blocks, and blocks to a certain degree subjective.

Separation into blocks is best suited to the current part of the synodikons, although sometimes it can be applied to the historical part.