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"List of Prince Constantine"

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

The "List of Prince Constantine" (PKK) was the most famous from the midst of all the synodikon materials. It commonly referred to as Ljubech synodikon (although the PKK constitutes only a part of this synodikon book).

I devoted it’s research two great articles – "List of princes from the Ljubech synodikon" (2015) and the section "Princes of Chernigov" from the work on the Vvedensky synodikon (2018).

Here I repeat my conclusions briefly, in a concentrated form.

1. After the publication of R. Zotov’s book [Zotov R.V. About the Chernigov princes according to the Ljubech synodikon and Chernigov princedom in the Tatar time. – St. Petersburg: 1892] all subsequent researchers believed in it as a tablet that fell directly from the sky and contains absolute truth. Everything that was said by Zotov was perceived completely, without the slightest criticism. All his statements were referred to as the original source.

2. My verification of the constructions of R. Zotov showed that there is no basis for such trust. The book is full of various fantasies and incredible assumptions, and certain practical considerations are simply drowning in this mass of empty talk.

15. The PKK may be of interest for the Moscow historiography of the 16th century, but it can not and should not be used as a historical source for the reconstruction of events and persons of the 11th – 15th centuries.