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Blue parish

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Korshev from episode 134 – it is nothing more than a Korcheva, a city on the Volga, the county town of Tver province, that is quite bright and well-known object. In 1937 the "Russian" destroyed the old town, it was flooded waters Ivankovski reservoir.

Blue Water – is the name of a small (length 24 km) river Blue, which flows from south-west to the north still and flows into a larger river Dyorzha opposite the town Pogoreloe Gorodische in Tver region. Dyorzha in turn, flows into the Volga.

Article about the Blue River is in the .

Blue Water (Sinyavka) on a map 1853

Blue Water (Sinyavka) on a map of the Tver province
A. I. Mende (1848 – 1853; scale 1 : 84,000.)

Blue Water on a map 1990

Blue Water on a modern map of the Tver region
(scale 1 : 100 000; in the square – 2 km)

In we read:

About two kilometers before flowing into the Volga River Dyorzha passes through a limestone ridge, formed a beautiful canyon with rapids and white cliffs on the right bank. At the bottom of the river – the flat limestone, flint plates in line – the granite boulders of ice.

This place could be perceptible Beloberezhe.

Thus, all the needed place names easily localized on a small segment of the southwestern boundary of the Tver principality – exactly where it was the highest number of attacks Lithuanians against in the Tver principality.

So Algirdas march on Tver frontier was little on the territorial scope, and probably short-lived.

And this episode was of little value, concerned only the Tver principality, was not accompanied by no battle, had no lasting effects and therefore did not included in later chronicles (except Nikon chronicle, in which we have a systematic borrowing from Rogozhsky chronicler, but no additional information about the event).

Blue parish appears in later documents of the Moscow government – in the spiritual chart of Grand Prince Ivan Vasilyevich 3rd (approx 16 June 1504), chart about the exchange of possessions (15 January 1566).