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Novgorod 1st Chronicle younger recension

Nicholas Zharkikh

Useful for our topic version of the PVK gives the Novgorod 1st Chronicle younger recension (N1LMI, 1446):

The origin of this variant is obviously derived from N1LSI. This is not at all surprising, because in previous years N1LMI repeated the text of N1LSI. In N1LMI, the N1LSI records for 1332 – 1345 are also involved, although they have already been diluted with new messages, which were not in the older recension. In fact, from the episode N1M-4, the discrepancy between the texts of the older and younger recensions begins, but we can not doubt that the author of N1LMI had N1LSI approximately in the same form as this last chronicle reached us.

The likely continuation of the story about the ordination of Vasily was no longer in N1LSI (if it was there at all!), therefore, from the episode N1M-4, it seems, used N4L.