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Sophia 1st Chronicle older recension

Nicholas Zharkikh

The next chronicle of the chronicle containing PVK is the Sophia 1st Chronicle older recension (S1L), brought to 1418. It was preserved in two copies of the 1480s.

A very similar text is in the second sample of the Novgorod Karamzin Chronicle (NKL-2, 1428). It is expected to be very close to the text of S1L (1418), but there are two important differences.

It seems to me that such a correlation between the texts of S1L and NKL-2 confirms the hypothesis of A. G. Bobrov on the existence of the "compilation of 1418", from which independently occur two preserved chronicles [Bobrov A.G. Novgorod chronicles of the 15th century. – St. Petersburg: D. Bulanin, 2001, p. 144 ff.].