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The ephemeral "Kyiv prince Theodor"

Chronicle "Tale of Vasily Kalika"

Later chronicles

Nicholas Zharkikh

There is no PVK in the Ermolin Chronicle (1481) [PSRL, 1910, vol. 23, p. 103]. In the Typographical Chronicle (1489) PVK is given in a drastic reduction.

In the Sophia 3rd Chronicle (according to the copy of Tsarski, 1508) [PSRL, 1994, vol. 39, p. 106] we have a repeat of the story of S1L, as we expect, with some abbreviations. There is only one important difference: instead of 50 people of Prince Theodor, 8 are written here (it seems that the scribes glance has slipped further, where it is said about December 8 as the date of Vasilys arrival in Novgorod there is no such date in S3L).

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